No, really what a fantastic day.

Annual Bellator Real Estate awards banquet this morning at the Grand Hotel. I received a nice award, very humbling.

Our keynote speaker after lunch was Dr. Kevin Elko, the guy in the picture, he’s a real somebody. Afterwards I was able to meet him and chat for a few minutes. You know you are getting older when you “chat”.

This afternoon I received two offers and set up three listing appointments for Friday and Saturday.

Closed the day out by attending my oldest son’s first baseball game and the entire Hale Team is under the same roof tonight with a fire and red beans n rice with conecuh for supper. We eat “supper” in the South. Dinner is when you go out to eat the evening meal. Nobody goes out for supper. That would be weird.

Like I said, what a fantastic day. Enjoy your life.

Nose to Toes / #16



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