Write it down!

See those index cards? Priceless stuff. They are everywhere in my life. Desk at work, desk at home, my “table” in the living room, my truck, etc. It started with sticky notes but progressed from there. The key thing is that it “started”.  It started with one, now look at it.

A few years ago I decided to start writing down random things of value that I heard, read or saw.  Reality was that is I didn’t write these things down I had literally no chance of remembering them.  So, I captured the inspirational thoughts, short stories, etc, on sticky notes.

Over time my thoughts got deeper and my ideas got bigger and sticky notes just wouldn’t hold all those words. Plus, how do you categorize sticky notes. It got messy and I was losing good material.

So, I bought index cards, the big ones. Worked like a charm! Then as they piled up I bought a box to store them.  Even better.  As the box filled up I bought filing tabs so I could categorize them for future reference. Pure genius.

Today I have three boxes.  Desk at home, desk at work and that table you see in the photo, which is HQ for The1SixProject.  I have three because the ideas and the words literally never stop flowing in my ADD mind, which often resembles a three ring circus.

I write the good stuff down, what speaks to me, before the circus changes acts. The cool part? Once I have them written down they are in the bank. My personal bank account and I can make a withdrawal anytime I want day or night.  Valuable stuff.

Here is the writer downer – These ideas, inspirations, etc are written in my words, in my language, so they speak directly to me. It is like they were written just for me because, well, they were.  I saw, read or heard something that moved me and I stopped and wrote it down.  Did my part.

When I am feeling uninspired, tough day, you name it all I have to do is grab a handful and thumb through them. Something is going to move me, encourage me, comfort me. It works.  It will work for you too.

Open your account today. Not tomorrow, do it today! Enough tomorrows have become yesterday.  Do it now.  Buy some cards and start writing. Just start and see what happens. Capture what moves you or speaks to you.  Put it in your words.  You might just need them later. Perhaps one day your kids will too. There is no downside.

Get in the boat. Do your part.



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