DON’T SAY NOTHING – Because everybody is selling something!

Each person you cross paths with picks up at least a little of who we are, what we are selling.  Maybe they pick up a lot of it, for better or for worse.  So again, what are you selling?

Case in point.  Saturday, I was in my recliner doing a very good job of doing nothing.  There was a workout scheduled in my loosely planned morning and it had been all but mentally cancelled, again, just like yesterday’s workout and the ones for several days in a row prior to that one.  Then I hit Facebook for a look around.

There is Oscar Munoz from my Oriole days.  He’s not in a recliner.  Oscar is in the gym putting in work.  He’s paying the cost to be the boss!  Like I should have been doing.  I wrestled with it for a few more minutes then got dressed and headed for the weight room.  I had bought some inspiration to treat the procrastination.

An hour later with my workout completed I had a little momentum for tomorrow because that ball was rolling again.  Dividends.  All Oscar did was make a post on Facebook and a thousand miles away another guy buys some inspiration to go to the gym instead of putting it off again.  Everyone is buying.  So, what are you selling?

Here is the thing.  Even if there is no intention to do so we influence everyone we come in contact with.  We have tremendous power to build people up, or tear people down.  Too lighten someone’s load or add to it.  Something as simple as holding a door open for someone and offering a smile as you do so can turn the momentum on someone’s day.  It may be the only act of kindness they experience all day long.    You don’t have to part the sea, move a mountain or destroy the death star to make a difference.

Take a moment today and ask yourself, what have I been selling?  Plant some positive.

Nose to Toes / #16



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