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After you hear what you want to hear. Keep reading.

That card in the picture, those are the note cards you hear me talk about. That one is from today. Jeremiah 29: 11 is a very popular, talks about getting stuff from God. We all like those verses, the “get something” verses!

But what about the next few verses? Keep reading.

Verse 12 & 13 – These are on you! But I only want the free stuff!! Sorry, the get something part only applies after you give something. Like what? Yourself. Wholeheartedly, to seeking that promise we love to quote in verse 11. Not half-heartedly but whole-heartedly. As in 100%.

Verse 14 – He will be found. God is always there waiting for us, he never moves even though we are free to go astray. What does he promise?

Prosperity, Hope and a Future (Think spiritually, not just worldly). Sounds like pretty good stuff to me. You just have to do your part. Keep reading.

Nose to Toes / #16




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