WHAT DID YOU PLANT LAST WEEK? –  What are you going to plant this week?

Last week a friend of mine gave me a gift.  Attached to that gift was a seed, not literally but figuratively.  A short hand written note of encouragement.  Two verses were referenced in that note, one of which was Jeremiah 29: 11-14.  I could quote 29:11 off the top of my head.  However, I had no idea what was in 12-14.  So I read it and I learned something.  Not only did I learn something but my vision and understanding was expanded.  The seed had taken root.

The next day I made a post about the above story on Facebook.  When I made that post the seed referenced above, the one that had taken root, was divided.  What had been a simple note to one person became a story seen by dozens.  More seeds.

Then it was divided yet again.  How?  The video you see below, which get on average about 100 views.  A seed that was planted in note card that reached one, became a post that reached 50, then a video that will likely reach over 100.  Division.

How do I explain that?  Like this…… God multiples our efforts for His kingdom.  He multiplies them for His people and he multiplies them for His purposes and He multiplies them in His time.  Our job?  just scatter the seeds.  Or, share this blog post….…..same thing.

Nose to Toes / #16



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