have faith – and do your part!

Throughout the bible people were healed. Mostly the healing stories are of a physical nature, sickness, disability, even death, but not all. Some were healed through deliverance from fear, imprisonment, slavery, you name it.

What do they have in common? In all cases these people did their part. They sought God. They didn’t sit around waiting for God to show up, they sought Him out.

Zacheus climbed a tree to simply see Jesus, others traveled for days hoping to meet Jesus, one man was lowered by his friends through a hole his friends cut in a roof over the room Jesus was in. Talk about faith and friendship. They did their part.

Physical ailments are everywhere and often visible but each and every one of us struggles with at least one “something”, probably multiple “somethings” that no one sees. Fear, loss, greed, depression, loneliness, guilt, anger, addictions, regret, pride. The list is long.

Know this. The same God that healed the characters in the bible is the same God that heals people today. Same one.

When you ask for deliverance from your “something” or for the deliverance of “something else” make sure you are doing your part. The seeking part. And, add some patience. That’s where the Faith part comes in.

Never fail to trust in the slow work of God.

Nose to Toes / #16



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  1. This is great Shane! Thanks for taking the time to give this word brother!

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