How do your days start?  Do they start with an unenthusiastic defeated mind set or enthusiastically with bold expectation of winning life’s daily battles?  Start your day with a bang! Rally your troops! Do your part.

Don’t just read a devotional in the morning, say a prayer and check that box so you get a star for that day. No sir! Read your devotional, talk to God, listen for His instructions, then stand tall and boldly tell satan and his minions out loud that they have no charge over you! Do your part.

Tell them that anything they bring against you this day and every day will fail because your victory is guaranteed! Say it out loud and with the authority of a man that is the outright son of a King. Then go BOLDLY into your day. Do your part.

We can’t see the army of angels that are put in charge over us as believers in Christ but satan and his army can see them. Both teams show up for battle ever single day and the main battle ground is in your mind. Lead that charge. Do your part.

If you take your day like this guy taking the field with a sledge hammer you can’t convince me that this is not the response of that army as they follow you out the door. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to follow that guy into battle?! Do your part.

God didn’t create us to be miserable failures. He didn’t create us to go through life depressed, scared, anxious, timid, etc. That is not why He created us and it is not why Christ came to earth and died for us. He came to give us life and to give it to us abundantly. Do your part.

Seek Him early each day and take Him with you throughout that day. Give your personal protection detail something to work with! Do your part.

Seriously, God is for you. Who or what can possibly rise against you?!  (Romans 8 : 31)

Get in the boat. Do your part.

Shane / #16


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