Home Depot sells umbrellas for $5.  A real bargain.  I bought a couple back in the Spring of 2016.  A few days later I passed a fella pushing a shopping cart down the I-65 service road as a wall of those big dark Mobile rain clouds approached.  I stopped and handed him one of my umbrellas, said you might need this.  He agreed, smiled and thanked me.  Giving a blessing.

A few days later I see another fella quickly walking through a neighborhood, tool bag over his shoulder, dirty from the day.  It had just started to rain and he was about to get soaked.  I rolled down my window and handed him my other umbrella.  He was all smiles.  Told me very enthusiastically, “Boy you ain’t nothing but a blessing, just a blessing”!  Then as he looked down to open the umbrella he said, “God is so good to me”!

That last statement, “God is so good to me”, really rang with me because he wasn’t talking to me, he was talking to himself. Like he expected it.  Favor that is.   A $5 umbrella hand delivered out of the blue by a white dude as it began to pour rain not only brightened this man’s day, it re-affirmed his faith in God’s timely provision.  The man’s enthusiasm, his witness, did the same for me. A blessing in return.

The next morning I went back to Home Depot and I bought 20 umbrellas.  The lady ringing up the sale asked, “Why all the umbrellas”?  I looked at her very seriously and said “Because it is going to rain”.   I let it hang for a few seconds as we just looked at each other.  Then I explained to her that I buy them to give away.  To be a blessing.

I put most of the umbrellas in my shed and left a handful in my truck.  Soon thereafter I am riding across town with my boys and Captain Questions asks me “Daddy, why do you have so many umbrellas in your truck”.  Fair question.  I told them the stories above, that it is a way I can directly help other people in a time of need, that there is joy in giving, that God love’s a cheerful giver and that everything we have God has given us.  The lesson alone was worth the $100.  Another blessing……….Dividends.

Here’s the thing.  The point of the story is not, “look at Shane look at Shane”.  The point is, you don’t have to perform great dump truck size, biblical parting of the seas, I just destroyed the death star, acts of giving to make a difference in someone’s life.

Small simple acts of kindness can make a big difference in another person’s day AND YOURS! There is a real joy that is found in giving and I believe with all my being that God multiplies our efforts for His glory.  I mean seriously, why wouldn’t he?  He’s God.

Need a win?  Don’t walk around looking for a blessing.  Step out and be one!  On many occasions God has answered my distress call in a time of great need and it was always, ALWAYS I SAY, delivered not by a bolt of lightning or in a puff of smoke but by another human being. By someone that chose to make themselves available to God’s calling.

I’m telling you, living in God’s will is an awesome experience.  Make yourself available to His call and He will give you a job for The Kingdom.  Believe it!

Get in the boat.  Do your part.  Be a blessing.

Shane / #16


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3 thoughts on “WHY ALL THE UMBRELLAS?”

  1. What a beautiful message! Thanks for sharing! We must teach our children well! You are doing it! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so for posting. Very inspiring, really doesn’t take much to show some kindness and compassion..

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