Thank You – I Owe You

I owe you more than I realized.

Yesterday marked one calendar month since I had written a meaningful post for Facebook or my blog  It wasn’t on purpose, life just got a bit hectic and I stopped making time to sit, think, reflect, write.  It became tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.  30 days later I realize just how much I owe you.

I owe you because posts like these require me to sit with my thoughts, reflect on my life, seek guidance.  The result is a better version of myself.  A bolder more energized and faithful version of myself.  While the reading might occasionally make a difference in your life, the writing definitely makes a difference in mine.  Turns out it is part of the plan.

Several years ago I started seeking in earnest God’s plan for my life.  (My life, me, all about me.)  A couple of years later, I remember the day well, the message I received completely out of the blue while sitting in the 2014 Bellator Real Estate company wide summer meeting was this “I want you to write”.  My initial response was “Say whaaaaat”?  Stay with me……

I understand that prior paragraph may freak some of you out a little and honestly at the time it did me too, a little.  But it was crystal clear.  What to write about was not clear, not even a little, and I did not act on it right away.  But the conviction stayed and eventually I did start writing.  I started writing and remarkably people started responding.  At first mostly my Bellator family, then the audience began to grow, then along the way I began to grow as well, which was part of the plan.

I asked God to reveal His plan for me.  He directed me to serve others by writing.  In writing (sitting, reflecting, seeking) His plan is being revealed.  30 days ago I began to focus on me.  I stopped serving others via the avenue he directed me to serve by and when I did I slowly started shrinking.  Crazy how that works.

Your responses and encouragement over the last couple of years have been the chief catalyst for continually putting my thoughts out there.  The platform continues to grow and so do I.  So, Thank You – I OWE YOU.

Love God.  Serve Others.  Roll Tide.

Nose to Toes / #16



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