Our pastor told a story in his sermon that really stuck with me. It was about a child at the beach digging a hole in the sand.  An old man stopped to watch him. After a while the little boy looked up at the old man and said, ”I am going to put the whole ocean in this hole”.  The old man replied, “but the hole is so small”.  The little boy looked at the old man for a moment then said, “and so is your mind”.

A small mind is a very limiting thing to have and thinking beyond our own current situations can sometimes be daunting.  So many wolves at the door, giants to slay and mountains to climb.  Sometimes my life is full of them.

I’m not a psychologist but I have no doubt that some areas of our lives are kept small because of fear.  Fear that doesn’t allow our minds to see us beyond the obstacles.  Actively slaying the wolves and giants, climbing the mountains.  “I can’t do this”, “I could never do that”, “that is only for other people”……….. said Faith never.

Instead of embracing the idea that that we can be more (with God’s help), we allow fear (satan & his minions) to convince us that “more” or “better” is beyond us. So we stay right where we are, anchored in our safe harbor by our small minds and small beliefs.  Serving no one, not even ourselves.

On the flip side, when we are not limited by our fears, but empowered by our faith, we give ourselves permission to do and become more.  

Better yet we give God permission to work in our lives, to grow us, to do amazing things with us and through us.  When we faithfully live beyond our fears we give others the permission to do the same!  It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill that just gains momentum.

Getting the most out of life is not accomplished by residing in our comfort bubble, that is only existing. We were not created to “exist”.  God did not create us to be miserable failures.  He created us to be victorious successes, in Christ!

Think and believe big!  Beyond the wolves, giants and mountains.  Don’t rely solely on your strength to fight the battles this life brings you, it will never be enough.  Fight fear with faith.  Rely on His Strength, Not Yours!

“Your playing small does not serve the world”….. – Marianne Williamson.  (Nor does it serve you)

Get in the boat.  Do your part.

1:6 / Nose to Toes  /  #16



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