I have been struggling the past few days, just not feeling it.  Needed a boost.  Like a kid, I needed my head rubbed by somebody way bigger and stronger than me.  Out of the blue lying in bed last Saturday night I was told not to miss church Sunday morning.  It was subtle but I heard it.

This morning when I woke up the battle for my time, for my allegiance, started in full force…… just stay home, it’s a holiday weekend, one of your boys has a light stomach bug, the house is a mess, just keep sitting here relaxing and drinking coffee, you do need a break, the excuses kept coming.

The assault didn’t work.  I had an assignment.  Divine instructions to “do my part”.  Not only that but I was downright excited about getting to church last Sunday morning.  I was excited because I absolutely KNEW there was something waiting for me at the big house. I was not disappointed!

The message that morning was written just for me.  I’m certain of it!  Honestly, if it wouldn’t have freaked everyone out in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church I would have loved to have walked up and high fived John Riggin as soon as he stepped out of the pulpit.  But, I refrained.

The message was great but the closing statement was the hammer…….. “Never underestimate what God is doing in and through you”.

It was spot on.  I needed to hear those words on that day more than you can imagine.  Thus the assignment given to me to be there. Thus the assault the enemy waged on me to stay home.

Here is the thing…… Several years ago I began to seek God and His plan for my life with sincerity. About a year ago I took it a step further and gave God permission to work in my life. Take the keys, you drive, I’m tired.

When I did this, God moved in, took the wheel, changed the course and started re-arranging things in my life. Likes became dislikes and dislikes became likes.  Storms in my life began to subside.  My faith is stronger.  I am stronger.  I see things differently and it just keeps getting better. I can’t help but share it.  It’s that good.

Know this…….  When we do our part God does His part.  Every time.  Not maybe, not sometimes but every time.  God is waiting to add his infinite power and direction to our lives. He just needs our permission and our participation. That’s how it works.

Get in the boat.  Do your part.  He will do His.  Just believe it.

Shane / #16