You’ve heard me say it before and if you stick around you will hear it again in due time, “Thank You, I owe you”.

About a month ago a friend of mine, Angel Archey, asked me to speak at the grand opening of their new real estate company, The Real Team Homes & Land, in our hometown of Lucedale, MS.  I was honored to be asked and thoroughly enjoyed the event.  To say the least, it forced me out of my comfort zone, which I am thankful for because it forced me to stretch myself. That is where you grow, in the “stretching” part.

The topic of my speech was “Get Uncomfortable”.  Honestly, I don’t know if anyone in attendance that day remembers the nuts and bolts of what I talked about but I certainly do.  Perhaps the person that benefited the most from that message was me?  Perhaps that was the intent all along?  Part of that “plan” you often hear me talk about?

I spent hours and hours preparing for that 15 minutes.  Thinking, reflecting, studying, etc.  Time I would surely have spent otherwise had I not been forced to prepare.  I gave a 15 minute or so speech but I left with a great message.  A message that can be applied to my life or refined and given again another day.  I left a better version of myself.  A more useful version of myself.  Part of His “plan” for my life?  I think so.

Know this.  God will do His part if you are willing to do yours.  His part comes in all forms and fashions.  Such as, opportunities that require you to spend time with Him, to prepare, to stretch yourself, to get un-comfortable, to help you grow, to become more useful for His purposes.  He knows what he is doing.  Just believe it and be available.

To my friends at The Real Team Homes & Land…….. “Thank You – I Owe You”!

Nose to Toes / #16