Where are you going in life?  Well, that depends greatly on what you are looking and listening for.

Years ago my Dad called early one evening and asked if I knew a reputable “Podiatrist”.   I said, “You mean an elephant doctor”?   He replied, “NO!   A foot doctor, my feet hurt”!   I knew what he meant but couldn’t resist the response.   We shared the last name and other traits but not the same sense of humor.   I did not know a podiatrist.

I did not know any podiatrists nor did I set out looking for them the next morning because honestly I had forgotten the conversation.  I had forgotten about it until I was on the way to work the next morning and a podiatrist sign jumped out at me like it was on fire.   In a 15-minute drive across town two more hit my radar.   In total I saw signs for not one but three podiatrists that morning.  Had never seen a single one prior to that morning but had driven past all three for years.

Was I looking for them?  No, but I saw them.  I still see them today, everywhere, even though that conversation with my dad was close to a decade ago.  At this point I suppose I am permanently programmed to recognize the word “Podiatrist” in any form.  Thing is, we are all programmed.  It is what we are programmed for that is the important part.

Last week clients of mine closed on a home that I was hired to help them sell.   A little over a year before this closing I attended a South Alabama baseball game and overheard someone make the statement about replacing their front door.   When the opportunity arose I asked why they were replacing the front door.   “Because we plan to move soon”.   My response, “Really?   Well, do you have a Realtor”?   I helped them sell their home and buy another one.

I didn’t go to that ball game looking for clients and was not even in this person’s conversation but as a Realtor the words “replace my front door” were heard clearly.  Just as clearly as I used to hear my mother’s voice cheering for me in a sea of thousands of fans at a baseball game when I pitched.   Was I listening for her voice?   No.  But, I heard it loud and clear.  I had been programmed to hear that voice since I was a child.

What you watch on TV, listen to on the radio, the books or magazines you read, conversations you engage in , etc.  are all programming you.  Simple as that.  A couple of years ago I basically shut down all negative content and replaced it with only positive or nothing at all.  The impact was immediate and noticeable.  I haven’t gone back.  Don’t want to, this is too good.

And that’s how it works.  For better, or worse, you are going to see, hear and seek more of what your mind is programmed to find.   So be careful what you let in and what thoughts you let live there.  Those thoughts are ultimately driving the bus and if you are like me with a wife and three kids, there are a lot of important people that are forced to ride with you and they deserve the best version of you that can be offered.

Remember, I’m not preaching to anyone.   If I were it would be to myself because I assure you I need to hear it more than anyone else and to be reminded often.  As I have said often, I write what speaks to me. Then I share it in hopes that someone else finds it useful as well.

Protect your mind.  And of course……..

Get in the boat.  Do your part.

1:6 /  Nose to Toes  /  #16

(Want to dig deeper?  See  Philippians 4: 8-9)