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GOT KIDS? – What are you showing them?  What are you Selling??

The first photo above is my 14-year-old son’s white board by his desk.  I walked by it the other day and that was written on it, “The_1Six_Project_Jr”.  It stopped me in my tracks.

The significance of this is that about year ago I quietly began my self-improvement campaign “The 1Six Project”.  Named after my baseball number 16, or as I was often called “One Six”.  He has adopted 16 as his number also, third generation.  As time went by he saw “The 1Six Project” written enough and along with my actions figured out what it was.  Then he quietly replicated it, ” The 1Six Project Jr”.  Don’t tell me…… me.

The second photo?  The book to the left is mine.  I carry it to church to take notes.  Have done so for a couple of years now.  The one on the right belongs to my 9-year-old.  The books are identical from the outside so when I picked it up to go to church recently and opened it I realized I had a copycat.  This also stopped me in my tracks.

The significance of this is that my son had found an extra in my office and quietly began carrying it to church also, taking notes.  Don’t tell me…….show me.

We can tell our kids all day long what they should or shouldn’t do and what they should or shouldn’t become but more is caught than taught.  Tell them but above all… them.

I promise you they are watching.

Nose to Toes / #16 (a.k.a. ”One Six”)