We’ve all seen the cute little games on Facebook.  Who’s your best friend,  Who looks like you, etc.  I’ll participate every now and then but I never share them. Recently one of those cute little games produced this picture.  I think it was something along the lines of “what quote best fits your Facebook account”. Apparently this is the sum of what I am producing…….I’ll take it.

There has got to be some type of algorithm behind the app that boils down our posts, the pictures, the sentences, the words, to land on the common denominators. If this is indeed the common denominator of my posts, which reflects my life, then again…….I’ll take it.

Thoughts lead to actions and the sum of our actions determines who we are.  So, protect your mind, protect what goes in it and the thoughts that material produces. Those thoughts are the beginning of who we are. Just like a garden it continually produces a crop. (Mathew 7:16)

So, watcha growin up there?

Nose to Toes / #16