One of my favorite stories is of a man on his roof during a great flood.  A boat trolls by but he declines, “God will save me he said”.  Then another boat and another, finally a helicopter, twice, but he declines them all.  “God will save me he said”.  He drowns and goes to heaven where he asks God why, why he let him drown.  God states, “I sent you three different boats and the same helicopter twice, what more do you want”?!

In reality, should you find yourself stuck on a roof in a flood God may very well send you a boat.  In another context, if you find yourself stuck in life, searching for Gods plan for your life, wisdom, deliverance, or just a closer walk with Him, he may very well put you in front of the right speaker to help deliver those things.  Just like He may very well speak to a man and tell him to write a blog post reminding you, yet again,  of the power of taking notes when He does speak to you.  If you ask for something and it is given to you doesn’t it make sense to capture it?

In reality, that little memo pad and pile / box of note cards is not just words on paper.  That is several years of captured knowledge & understanding, power, affirmations, which started when I simply made the decision to start taking notes.  I sought knowledge & understanding of God’s word, I sought power against the enemy, I asked for affirmations that I was on the right track.  Over time these things showed up.  When they showed up I wrote them down.  I got in the boat.

In reality, praying for things without doing your part is useless.  Some things are out of our realm and all we can do is have faith, so our part is faith.  Other things are within our realm and require actual action along with our faith, so our part is to put action with our faith.  Either way, do your part.  Have faith that God is going to speak to you and when he does take action.  Take notes.  Get in the boat.

1:6 / Nose To Toes / #16