THIS IS HOW IT WORKS – When you do your part

Perhaps you read the post I made last Friday, August 12th,about “studying” vs “reading” your Bible. Growing your faith by doing your part.

It received several comments but one from a friend living thousands of miles away , a quote, really jumped out at me because it described my experience perfectly.  Of course, I wrote it down for my box of cards. It’s the one in the picture.  It is so true.

Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves”.  I have no idea what the something he was referring to might have been but I am guessing anything composed of matter, which includes us.

In the case of the quote featured in the picture nothing seemed to change for D.L. Moody either, until something moved.  That something being him. Once he moved, took action, opened his Bible, started doing his part, he received the faith he was praying to receive.

It stands to reason that there could really be no other outcome, but faith, for someone that opens their Bible truly searching for faith.  What could a book written by men, that were inspired and directed by God, for His followers produce for a soul sincerely searching for faith………. but faith?

About a year ago I opened my bible and began to study it in search of Faith.  I found faith and I continue to search for more.  I share that faith with others, encouraging everyone to do the same.  I receive a response back from a friend that adds to the faith I have and affirms that I should keep doing what I have been doing.

That’s how it works.  When we seek we find and when we encourage others we are encouraged in return.  Again, that’s how it works.  So, I write about that too.

Not sure where to start in that big book?  Read John.  Start with John then try James next.

Get in the boat.  Do your part.

Nose to Toes / #16