Be Still and Listen Carefully

Two Sundays night’s ago I made a post that simply stated “I have nothing”.   Well, that changed.

The week prior to making that referenced post, try as I might I had nothing to write, nothing to share.  A sharp contrast from the times where the ideas and inspiration in my mind flow so fast that if I could write with both hands I literally could not begin to write it down as fast as it shows up.

So what did I do?  I admitted I had nothing and I stopped trying to find it.  I’ve learned that the inspiration to write, like most things in life, ebbs and flows.  So, I just stated the obvious and called it a night.

Overnight the messages came in via Facebook and even email.  They were consistent……. perhaps you need a rest, be still.  I took the advice.  It worked.

It is amazing what comes to you when you when you are still.  Honestly, I think my faith has been strengthened more sitting at that table between the hours of 2 – 4 A.M than at any other time of day.  I am never alone there and if I am up at those hours I am generally trying to slay “something”.

Know this, God doesn’t leave us when we are His.  Ever.  He is always there but we are all given free will to accept Him or not.  To seek Him, or not.  Even after we have accepted Him the “presence” you feel will ebb and flow, just like the seasons or the tide.

We have to learn to be obedient during these absences, to faithfully keep going, regardless of what we feel, or don’t feel, inside.  Keep moving forward with the quiet confidence that the feeling of His presence will show back up and that you are never, ever, alone.

He will always guide us and speak to us, often through others. Thing is sometimes, most times, in order to hear the all powerful God you seek you have to stop and and find a quiet place in order to hear Him.

Get in the boat.  Do your part.  Remember to Be Still.

Nose to Toes / #16