NO MORE FACEBOOK FOR  A WHILE – That was the plan this morning.

I made the decision this morning that I was going to take a Facebook vacation for a month or so.  Just make a quick post that I was not MIA, just taking a break.

Shortly after making that decision I received my “daily email” from my friend Nathan Cox.  Nathan is our founder and CEO at Bellator Real Estate.  In the email was the story of a young man with Downs Syndrome that bagged groceries at a local grocer.

The young man wanted to “make a difference” at work and in others lives.  So, with the help of his father, he began printing out a “thought for the day”.  Each day, several hundred pieces of paper with his encouraging words were placed, one at a time, in the top of the customers last bag.

After placing the note in the bag he would look them in the eye and say,  “I’ve put a great saying in your bag.  I hope it helps you have a good day.  Thanks for coming here.”

Within a month customers would stand in long lines just to check out at his register so this young man would bag their groceries and they would receive his words of encouragement. With his father’s help, he made a difference.

I’m not taking a month off of Facebook or my blog, not even a day.  Instead, I’m going to double down on making a difference.  With my Father’s help, I promise to put something encouraging in the bag every day moving forward.  It might be short but it will be there.

Don’t let fear or doubt talk you out of something.  The more space in your head and in your heart you give to God the more Satan will come against you.  Just be ready for it and recognize it when it shows up.  God loves and helps a fighter.

NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE…… What God can do in your life and through your life if you just give Him permission!

Stay in the boat.  Do your part.

Nose to Toes / #16