What are you standing on?

WHAT IS YOUR FOUNDATION?  If it is Faith, then faith in what?

Faith in men or yourself is a fools game.  You will fail and your fellow man’s power is limited to help you.  On top of that how many people are really willing to lend you a hand when something goes slightly wrong? How about terribly wrong?  Likely far less than you think.  People have their limits both in compassion and resources.

Faith in an all powerful God is not a fools game.  His power is unlimited.  Unlimited power to orchestrate the things of this world to meet your physical and spiritual needs in his perfect timing.  Additionally, his willingness to respond does not depend on the size of your problem.  There are no “big problems” to God, they are all small in his eyes.  He owns everything and loves us individually.  What a great combination.  

Get in the boat.  Do your part.  Have Faith!

Nose to Toes / #16