Small Favor = Small Reminders


When we think of Favor we generally think of something of substance, something BIG!  Well, most times that is not going to be the case.  For example……

The Hale Team goes through a lot of Nutri Grain Bars, at least the 3 boys do, they make me fat.  Great snacks because you can just leave them in the car regardless of season, always on hand.  I stopped by Costco yesterday for one thing but before arriving at that one thing I passed the stack of Nutri Grain Bars.  On sale for $8.79, regularly $11.99.  27% Discount.  I bought 2 boxes.  FAVOR!

On the same topic.  A few weeks ago my mom stopped by the house for a quick visit.  She brought us one of those same boxes, knew the boys liked them so she just picked one up while in the store.  I know, most families do that type of thing, at least mine does, but it is still FAVOR!  $18.78 for 3 big boxes of Nutri Grain bars that would normally cost $39.57.  FAVOR!

In the rush of your day to day don’t miss the small stuff that God does for you, either directly or through other people.  Big favor always produces humbling recognition, sincere gratitude and a strengthened faith in the God that provides.  However, smaller favor can easily go overlooked.  Don’t make that mistake.  Recognize it!

When I see the numerous smaller things that show up in my day to day life I consider them His “reminders”.  Reminders that I am not in this alone.  I even look for them, as do my children.

When you look for God in all things then in all things God will show up.  That’s how it works.

Get in the boat.  Do your part.

1:6  /  Nose to Toes  /  #16