They never really stop coming in life.  Setbacks that is.  Perhaps you miss them if you live a cautious even sheltered life.  If you live “on the porch” of life.  Comfortably watching life go by.  Afraid to get out there and get involved in the world to make it better. Afraid to get uncomfortable in order to grow. In order to make something extraordinary of yourself, or better yet something extraordinary for someone else.  Never identifying or using your God given talents for the very reason they were given to you. Quietly losing at life by default because your fear is stronger than you are.

Get off the porch in life and you are going to get dinged up on your way to making that difference.  Count on it.  Maybe by your own doing.  Maybe by something someone else does that is not your fault. Maybe life just throws you a chin high fastball to remind you not too dig in, not to get too comfortable. Who knows but count on it. You’ll mess up. Someone else will mess up. Life will knock you down. Setbacks will come.

Either way, when you find yourself wearing one but you still have the ability to move forward be thankful for that. Don’t lose sight of it. The ability to move forward that is.  The ability to recover. To make tomorrow better. To press on. To continue to pursue something extraordinary, if that is in you.

Also, don’t lose sight of this.  Recovering is not always an option for everyone.  Setbacks can sometimes be permanent. If yours is not then be thankful for that part too.  Be very thankful. Then get moving.

Over it?  Around it?  Through it? Trust God to handle that part. Just do your part, move forward, in faith. Relying on “His Strength, Not Yours”. (Philippians 4:13)

Get in the boat. Do your part.

1:6. / Nose to Toes / #16