Today could be the day! The day that the message you need to hear the most is there waiting for you! But you have to be willing to go get it. Got to do your part. And when you do your part…..

God will provide! He has promised us this. He can place these provisions to feed our mind, body and soul anywhere He chooses. BUHT!

Most of the time, they are going to be found where he intends for us to be in order to receive them. Which is in His will for our lives, seeking Him. Not in our will for our lives, seeking ourselves.

God willing I am going to be in a church pew in a few hours with my family. I am going to arrive “expectantly” that there is a message waiting for me in the sermon.

A message that he intends for me to not just hear but too apply to my life, write about and share with the world. Too scatter it as far beyond the doors of St. Paul’s Episcopal church as I and modern technology can spread it.

That’s my part. Not just Sunday but each day. To live another day in….. His Story Not Mine.

Get in the boat. Do your part.

1:6 / Nose to Toes / #16