The Master Planner – The Perfect Plan

Christmas is only 257 days away! You ever stop and think about how much effort goes into your annual Christmas celebration? The decorating, list making, traveling, gift buying, midnight service attending, holiday celebration of the year. All that time, effort and energy just to bring your family Christmas experience to fruition. All that planning!

On that thought, have you ever stopped to consider the magnitude of planning involved, on a global scale, to bring the very first Christmas to fruition? On a much broader scale, how about bringing the universe to fruition? On a much smaller scale how about bringing “you” to fruition? Three separate events. All complicated beyond human comprehension. All planned.

For the sake of conversation lets stick to Christmas for a moment. The first one. It was foretold thousands of years in advance (Old Testament) and required the orchestration of both mankind and the universe to bring it about. To assemble all the pieces. All planned.

Then there was that whole orchestrating the couple of thousand years after the birth of Christ (New Testament), which was also foretold and continues to be executed flawlessly. Each historical chapter perfectly planned, in advance, then executed flawlessly over thousands of years as time just rolls along. The first Christmas, the universe, you and I. All planned.

The common denominator in the universe, in Christmas, in any of God’s other creations, down to each individual human being? All were part of and arrived with a plan, a use, a specific purpose for His kingdom. There are no spare parts. All are planned.

None of us are like one of the leftover pieces on the table after assembling some complex Christmas gift or piece of office furniture with no known purpose in this world. No sir. We are just as planned as the universe. Just as planned as the first Christmas. Just as important to the Master Planner. All planned.

His plan for our life on this earth is to prosper us, to give us hope and a future – (Jeremiah 29:11). A plan that will be revealed “when you seek Him”, “with all your heart” – (Jeremiah 29:12-13). The seeking, that’s the “do your part” bit I always close with. That is THE PART that I missed for a little over 45 years. I just drifted, like a ship lost at sea.

Reality is that you can drift aimlessly through the sea of life guided by the winds of the world or you can sail confidently towards a promised destination, trusting the master to guide your ship. You get to choose. I mean seriously, you get to choose between His plan or yours.

So, are you drifting through life? Know this…….. The same God that created the vastness of the universe created you. Same one. He had a perfect plan when He created and orchestrated all “that”. He had a perfect plan when He created and orchestrated “you”. A perfect plan, from the perfect planner.

Believe it. Seek it. Abide in it. Abide every day in the certainty of a loving God and His plan for your life.

Get in the boat. Do your part.

1:6 / Nose to Toes / #16