Got Kids?

I do. Three of them. All boys. HALE BOYS! Planned on two ended up with three. I love’em. Love’em with all I’ve got. Greatest gift I have ever received in this world and I am a better version of me because of them. A better man. Still a work in progress but a better man because of them.

Because of them there was some deep soul searching a couple of years ago. My life was seemingly flying by and they were growing like weeds. Problem was I was flying in no particular direction. Just forward, at least that was the intent but it often looked backward to me. I reached out to God for help when the tank finally ran dry in the fall of 2015. He showed up.

The conclusion of the soul searching resulted in a rededicated life. For clarity to anyone watching and for myself personally I was baptized again a few weeks ago as a public testament of my faith. I wanted everyone to know where I stood and what had “fixed” me. To much me, to much “world” and to little God was the problem.

My other conclusion? In all areas of your life become the highest and best version of yourself that you can possibly become….. in Christ. His Story Not Mine, His Strength Not Mine. That is the message that became crystal clear to me. The results were a more defined purpose, a better version of me, a better man for my boys, a more useful man for God.

As a father my defined purpose is simply this, “lead a life that if emulated by my children it will not bring them harm”. I have to believe that God looked at me and concluded, he’s getting there with the two I gave him but it’s going to take three. He needs one more. One more oughta do it. Just one more. A better version is in there and I need a better man too.

When you pray for strength, wisdom, patience, perseverance, purpose, etc you might receive children. He gave me sons. Three of them. I am thankful for them. They make me a better man. And better is good for everyone around me.

Get in the boat before your tank runs dry. Do you part.

1:6 / Nose to Toes / #16