Can You Feel It?

I’m not a hot weather fan. I’m just not. I prefer the air cool, even cold, and please…… humidity. Problem is I live in Mobile, AL and heat and humidity is just part of life.

The questions surrounding the inconsistent non-summer seasons down here go like this:

1) Fall – Will it ever get here?

2) Winter – Are we actually going to have a freeze this year?

3) Spring – How long is it going to stick around?

The questions surrounding Summer don’t really exist. Summer is consistent in the deep South. It is going to be long, hot, humid and it is probably going to rain, a lot. Oh, and it’s going to be long , hot and humid. I mentioned that right?

Given these all but guaranteed conditions and the fact that I am extremely hot nature’d I don’t take the cool weather we get here for granted. No sir! I look forward to it, I enjoy it, I bathe in it, literally. You will often find me in the yard in shorts and flip flops when everyone else is wearing sweatshirts or jackets. It just feels GOOD!

With spring quickly coming to a close we had a late season blast of cold air about a week ago. When an expected cold front arrived one evening I just happened to be a the ballpark. Shocker right? Within seconds the warm, still, humid air was replaced with cool, windy, dry air from up North. Brother it was awesome!

I didn’t miss the opportunity to stand there for a moment, face to the wind and just soak it up. In my world I call that a blessing and I was thankful for it.

Don’t miss the small things in life that God provides. Even if it is just a good dose of cold air. If it makes you happy or brings you joy stop and soak it up. You can believe I will.

Get in the boat. Do your part.

1:6 / Nose to Toes / #16