Hang around me for very long and you will hear me utter the phrase, “That’s how it works”.  It has become a staple phrase in my vocabulary.  I use it to describe God actively working in my life to meet my needs, strengthen my faith or help me fight my battles, most of which are mental.

Let’s take last night and this morning for example.  I didn’t sleep so well.  My old nemesis fear and worry showed up around 1:30.  I told them to leave but they stayed with me for several restless hours.  I finally dozed back off around 4:00.

Then when I woke up this morning………..

1) The first thing I read was a text from my mother.  It was sent before I woke up.  She had no idea I had been up most of the night with “things” on my mind. Her question was if I had read the guidepost devotional for today.   I had not.  Actually I had not read the last two days.  I was just too busy.  Clearly not doing my part.

2) I read the devotional.  The writer’s message is wrapped around a story of spending 20 minutes lying in a grassy field not worrying about the “things” of this world but focusing instead on God, who is NOT the author of fear and worry.

3) I then open my Instagram account. The first thing I see is a photo of a grassy field with a message photo shopped across it reading, “Worry and doubt are weapons of the enemy”.   What are the odds of all that?

You can write that scenario off to luck or chance but, I don’t.  I just don’t.  In my world that is God telling me I need to do my part and have faith that He will do His. A very simple message and reminder.  That’s how it works.

Speaking for myself, God has never spoken to me through a burning bush or as a booming voice on a mountain top.  It often arrives subtly through scenarios like the one I just mentioned.  Most often though it is through my thoughts, which sound just like my own voice.

The really awesome thing I have learned is that hearing God’s voice often comes withe feeling His presence as well. God can’t show up and you not feel it. That’s just not possible.

Ultimately though, that’s how it works for me and I imagine that’s how it works for most people. In this case God used my mother, guidepost and Instagram, to deliver a message that I need to have faith and do my part.  Simple as that.

Message received.  Message shared and multiplied.

It’s not complicated, “That’s how it works”!

Get in the boat. Do your part.

Shane ~ #16


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