Plant Something!

In the course of 30 minutes this morning I had two people reach out to me and say, “You should consider making more videos”. Two people, just out of the blue. What are the odds?

Their statements lined up with what had already been growing in my mind and on my heart. That’s how it works. Affirmation that is.

I made a handful of videos a little over a year ago. Apparently a few people saw them and better yet, they remembered them!

Some seeds do take root. Some even produce fruit. (Mathew 13:8)

Given this prompting, perhaps it would be productive to add a short video at the end of my blog posts? Maybe add some additional context to the story? You know, put a face and a voice behind the message.

Thing is, if you don’t know someone then words on paper are just that, words on paper. However, when you have some insight into a person’s life, what they are about, then the words stand to have more meaning.

Maybe that results in a stronger or more personal message? Perhaps a message that has a better chance of not just hitting fertile ground but also being shared and multiplied? A better chance of taking root and maybe even producing some fruit?

Isn’t that the ultimate goal? To share the gospel? To produce some fruit? 

The link below is to one of those short videos I made. It relays how God was working in my life at the time. That is basically what all my stories are about, how God is working in my life. The message doesn’t expire and His work makes for great stories. I can’t help but share them, just like I was instructed. (Philemon 1:6)

As you will see in the video…. I clearly have no formal speaking training. A noticeable southern accent. I talk fast. I don’t speak very clearly sometimes. All the ingredients for a dynamic speaker!

To top it off I am not in a studio but I am filming in my workshop, which is a metal building about halfway down my driveway.  Despite all of this, God does not care! Everyone starts somewhere and…..

Zechariah 4:10 states – “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin….”. 

Do what you can with what you have. Sow some seeds. Persist. God will do the rest!

Get in the boat. Do you part.

Shane / #16

Check out the video……

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