Here’s To Football……

I initially made this post on opening day of the college football season 2014 and it received a great response.  Each year since then I have re-posted on opening day.  Same photo, same words.  It has become an annual event for me.  This is marks year 4 of………

MY ANNUAL “TOAST TO COLLEGE FOOTBALL” AND………Everything that goes with it!

Especially family, friends & fellowship. I’ll repeat that part for emphasis. Family. Friends. Fellowship.

What’s great about college football, at least in my opinion, is that it brings people together. It makes us stop. It makes us take a brief break from life’s never ending to do list.

We come together to eat, have a drink or two, laugh, yell at the TV, watch the kids / cousins play and hope that at the end of the day our team pulls out a win so we can watch sports center over and over the next day.

Winning is good but it’s not everything. Well, actually, at Alabama, never mind.

So here’s the thing. Stop today and look around as you gather to cheer for your team. The kids won’t be so little next year and there is no guarantee that everyone in the room will be here tomorrow, let alone next season.

Be thankful, THANKFUL I SAY! That with all of the chaos that is in the world today that we can do something as simple as gather for a football game anywhere we choose and watch it in peace.

Lastly, Have some class about yourself (I know it’s hard sometimes) and have some fun. Life is to be enjoyed.

So, Here’s to college football………….and everything that goes with it!

Shane / #16