If there is one thing I have learned in 48 years of living it is this, “A man finds what his mind seeks”. For better or for worse, it shall be found.

I have claimed to be a Christian my entire life.  However, since surrendering my life to Christ in the not so distant past I have begun not just claiming the title but actively seeking His will for my life. Seeking Godly Wisdom. Seeking Biblical understanding and the ability to apply that understanding to my life.

Through this seeking God has revealed Himself to me.  He continues to reveal Himself to me as long as I do my part, which is to “seek” Him.

As a “Young Christian” one of the greatest sources of growth I have found is through the teaching of others that have been on this road for years or even decades longer than I have.

I seek these people out. I go where they are and I listen to what they have to say as God speaks through them. I write down what speaks to me. Then I go home.

I go home and re-write (not type) my notes neatly. Date the piece and reference the source. Perhaps do some biblical research. Add my own comments and a summary. Ensuring that what moved me is clearly conveyed for future consumption. Then I file those notes away.

This process helps me get what I have found into my mind where it is useful and dynamic, not just on paper where it is useful but static.

The written notes / summary serve as a great resource to have for later. Literally my own book to myself. It could also be beneficial to my boys one day should they decide to read through it.  Clearly this was important to dad, perhaps we should read it as well. Dividends.

Valuable stuff indeed. Eternally valuable. Worth far more than silver and gold.

The formula is easy peasy…….

  • Seek (Jeremiah 29: 13)
  • Make the effort to put yourself in front of the source.
  • Hear it.
  • Write it down.
  • Research it Biblically.
  • Write it again neatly.
  • Add your own thoughts and comments for clarity.
  • File it. (index cards or a miniature three ring binder recommended)

This process is how my ADD mind absorbs things. Through repetition. I have to do what works for me personally. I was designed this way for a reason.

For the longest time I viewed ADD as a curse and sometimes I still do. However, from a spiritual perspective I have come to see it as a blessing. A blessing because to find what I seek from God I am required to focus intently and repetitively on what God is telling me and revealing to me. Otherwise the wisdom I seek just runs off my mind like water off a stone.

This requirement of intent focus results in a lot of quiet time.  One on one in a quiet place with The God of the Universe, which is apparently what I need. Whether my ADD is a blessing or a curse is all in how I look at it.  Applies to a lot of things in life.

At the end of that day ask a couple of questions of yourself:

  • “What did I seek today”?
  • “Is what I seek leading me in the direction I need to go”?

I ask myself often and often the answer is not what it should be. When it is not I adjust the sails. Then I try again. God made me human, not perfect.

The picture at the top of the post contains two points from several pages of notes I filed away last week. Things my seeking mind found.

Last week was a good week. For that, and so many other things, I am thankful.

Get in the boat.  Do your part.

Shane / #16


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