Life is NOT Fair!

“That’s not fair”!  How often have we heard that phrase spoken?  It is not allowed in our family’s vocabulary, but it is often true.

Take the story of Moses as an example. Remember him? The biblical character in Exodus? The one God spoke to through a burning bush? That guy.

At God’s request Moses confronted the most powerful man in the world, the Egyptian Pharaoh, with an anointed stick. Then he led an entire NATION of people, out of slavery in Egypt. For a grand finale he parted a sea. What a sight that must have been.

Surely, Moses received a great worldly reward for his obedience, for his efforts?! That would only be “fair” right?

Keep in mind (this part is important) Moses didn’t ask for that job. He didn’t ask for the assignment that God requested him to carry out. He didn’t ask for the lack of appreciation the Israelite nation showed him for his efforts or for the difficulties he endured executing that assignment.  He just obediently endured it. Day by day.

Moses was obedient. He was faithful. He obeyed God, for decades, through the entire story.

Moses spent over 40 years leading God’s people from bondage, through the wilderness, to their promised land. Yet in the end he was not allowed to enter the promised land with them.  His earthly reward after years of obedient service was only to “see” the promised land from the top of a mountain. Then he died. Was that “fair”?

Perhaps, just perhaps, the story of Moses is there to relay that very point!  That life, Christian service, is sometimes not fair.

So, what is your point Shane?  The point, the message, is this…….

As Christians we are set apart as messengers of God’s grace to the world. This task is not reserved just for the exalted among us, the powerful, the famous, the clergy, the pastors or the people you see on TV. No sir.

Regardless of our earthly “status”, as Christians even the least of us, by worldly terms, arrives with an assignment from the Creator. The accepting part is up to us.

While our earthly assignments will differ greatly we do share a common denominator while on this planet, which is to “act in love”. Loving God with all our heart and loving our neighbor as ourselves. (Luke 10:27)

Unless you live alone on an island you know that to “act in love” is sometimes not so easy. There is risk!  Risk of getting rejected, laughed at, taken advantage of, being hurt, even being hurt badly. The list is long. We are to do it anyway!

As recipients of God’s love and forgiveness we are to be the agents of His love and forgiveness to others. Pouring out to others what He continually pours into us.

Moses trusted God, obeyed God and allowed God to work through him. We are to do the same.  Regardless of the outcome, fair or not.  

When God denied Moses entry into the promised land, after all he endured, that could certainly be looked at as “un-fair”. The results for our obedience may sometimes be no different. That is just life but remember, our ultimate reward is not of this world.

Let me repeat that part, “our ultimate reward is not of this world”.

Just as Moses followed God’s assignment for his life we are to follow God’s assignment for ours. Plant the seeds your are given to plant with the talent God has given you to plant them. Every day, plant the seeds. Simple as that.

Leave the sorting out part to God and don’t get de-railed by the results, or lack thereof.

“Fairness” is a measuring stick the world loves to use. It is not God’s.

Get in the boat.  Do your part.

Shane / #16


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