Help Needed

You ever find yourself in need of Help? I don’t mean “wanting” help, as in I would like some help here but actually “needing” help, as in I can’t do this on my own.  That’s where I found myself on a Sunday afternoon recently. In need of some help.

I write as a hobby, but I am a Realtor by profession. I help people navigate the, often very precarious, path of buying and selling houses. Part of my plan to expand my business in 2019 includes having “X” number of “face to face” conversations with property owners, every month.

While there are a multitude of ways to initiate these “conversations” in today’s world I decided to try taking the most efficient and direct route, right to the property owner’s front door.

Sounds easy enough right? Right.

Day one of door knocking was a new experience for me and in the spirit of full disclosure I took my nine-year-old son with me. I took him along for company but also to dilute the presence of a 6’1’’, 220lb bearded stranger standing at the door.

We made it through the day and, except for a few less than pleasant greetings, had some quality father son time. Even made a handful of “new friends” in the process. Not a bad day.

The next weekend arrived, and I headed off for another afternoon of making new friends. I left home that day with a primed attitude and sails full of wind but the further from home I got the less wind I found in my sails.

By the time I arrived at my destination I was on fumes and wanting to do most anything besides spend the next couple of hours knocking on the doors of total strangers.

I won’t lie, everything in me just wanted to turn around and head back home.  

After driving around for a bit, while trying to find the courage and confidence I had somehow lost, I just pulled over and parked. Then after a few minutes of sitting there in silence, I prayed.

I told God, out loud…. “There is not a fiber in my body that wants to get out of this car, but I know I have too. I know all the self-doubt filling my mind and the anxiety flowing through my body is not from You but from the enemy. You know my need, please meet it”.

Then I got out of the car and started walking.

The very first door was answered by a man that walked out on his front porch to talk to me. He said he had no plans to sell his home but as we were talking his wife walked out on the front porch as well. Remember that part because it is important.

We small talked for a moment then he asked me where I went to church. For the next few minutes the three of us talked about life and faith, which met my need. Just like I had requested.

I left their home and went on my way, both encouraged and empowered. Encouraged by their words and welcoming demeanor. Empowered because after I asked the God of the Universe to meet my need, He did. Rather immediately. But it gets better….

Since that day and to date this year, the 149 doors knocked on have yielded an array of receptions but not ONCE, before that door or after, have both spouses walked out of their home to talk to me. Not once.

Looking back on that day, I didn’t give God specifics on what I needed in that moment or offer suggestions on how He might best deliver it. I kept it very simple. I acknowledged that I was under attack, I acknowledged that He knew my need, and I asked Him to meet it. Then I got to stepping.

The answer was right there waiting for me, but I had to put feet to my prayers in order to receive it.

I still had to get out of the car, walk the streets, knock on the doors and deal with the numerous rejections that came as the day unfolded but God met me at that first house and said.… “I’m in this, let’s carry on”!

At the end of the day, God is not moved by big words or long prayers. He is moved by our Faith in Him and He is especially moved by Faith that is in motion.

So, put action to your prayers, walk in faith even when it is hard, fight back against the enemy’s constant attacks, and never doubt for one moment that there is a battle being waged daily for your eternal soul.

Get in the boat. Do your part.

From Nose to Toes.

Shane / #16

(Psalm 138 : 4 – When I called, you answered me; you increased my strength within me.)


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