“I Need, And I Need, And I Need”….

Got Needs? Sure you do, we’ve all got “needs”.

Not God though, He just has a “need”, well maybe two, but that’s it.

In the needs department of life we are often our own worst enemy, trying to fill our long list of “needs” with the wrong things, or perhaps in the wrong order.  

We “need some peace” in our life, but instead we add to the stress in our life.

We do so by saying “yes” to yet another obligation, when often we should just say “no”, and focus on chopping the wood we already have piled up, not adding more wood to our pile.

We “need a feeling of fulfillment” in life, but we unknowingly and unintentionally add to the emptiness in our life.

We do so by trying to fill the empty with yet another worldly pursuit, achievement, or “thing”, which just compounds the problem, because a life filled with nothing but worldly pursuits, achievements, or “things”, will never fulfill an eternal soul. Read that twice.

I could go on and on from my own life experience, from my own “needs” list, but you get the picture.

We need, and we need, and we need, but how often are our “needs” driven by the one thing we need, but don’t have, or don’t have nearly enough of, which is God. God is a need filler, even a need killer.

For example, regarding adding the wrong things to address the “need for peace” and “need for fulfillment” mentioned above….

Adding God, adds peace to our life, it just does, there is no other possible outcome, because God is Peace.

So, if you must add yet another obligation to your life, make an obligation to simply spend time with God, and watch what happens.

Adding God, adds fulfillment to our life, it just does. Adding God immediately begins to fill the empty feeling because the empty feeling comes from a void inside of us that only He can fill. Read that twice too.

Adding God also does something else, it re-arranges things. It changes the very order of our life. That can’t not happen either.

You let God in and its like the first thing on His agenda is to rent a roll off dumpster, and start throwing things out, because there is “stuff” that just needs to go…. to the curb! Trust me on that one.

Here’s the thing….

Our “list of needs” is often long, but when we add God to that list, and what we are doing while we are here in this world begins to consistently point back to Him, our “list of needs” will change.

Both the length of our list, and the order of our list…. will change.

All God “needs”, is for us to realize that we need him more than anything else this world has to offer, and then act on that realization, by making Him a priority in our life.

A relationship with God, through Christ, will always be our greatest need, and it is all that God needs to work on us, in us, and then ultimately through us to reach others.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

From Nose To Toes

Shane / #16…. The1SixProject.com