Well, Lord, I’m Not You!

Life can be easy, and life can be hard, and sometimes life can be easy and hard at the same time, and that is usually the case.

It just depends on what part of “life” we are talking about.

Speaking for myself…..

Worrying – Really easy. It’s the “not worrying” part that is hard for me, but I have gotten better.

Sleeping – Going to sleep, not a problem, staying asleep for 6 hours straight, that’s a problem.

Diet – Not a problem, food has no control over me. I’m a free man in that category, and what a blessing that is.

Focus – Real problem for me. Some days are better than others but staying on task is a real chore for an ADD man, just sayin…. Squirrel!!

Family “Issues” – For now the seas are relatively calm throughout my family / extended family. Key words “for now”. What? Your family is a bunch of Zen Warriors? Helen please.

Depression – Sometimes it rolls in unannounced and that demon just pitches a tent and unpacks. My dad struggled with depression that he would describe, and I couldn’t understand or relate to as a younger man. A couple decades later, I can both understand and relate.

Getting to Church – Was a problem for me until January 1, 2017. Not a problem for me since that day. I told God upon leaving the service that Sunday morning that I would be there on Sunday, and “arrive expectantly” from that point forward, every Sunday, and I have. He has blessed that effort in more ways than I have time to type about.

Language – I’ve cleaned it up over the years. We speak from our heart. If it is in our heart it will eventually come out of our mouth. I still have my moments, but I’m human, and clearly there is more peace in my heart than ever before. So give me a break.

I could go on and on, but here’s the thing….

Life is often beating us up in one area, sometimes severely, but rarely is it beating us up in all areas.

I’m killin it in some areas of my life, but I still struggle in others. I imagine the same can be said for most everyone if they are honest about it. That’s just life…. that’s just life.

Give yourself a high five where you are winning, and give yourself a break where you are not, give others a break as well, don’t give up, and don’t fight alone.

“Lord, I’m glad nothing is too hard for you, because there are a lot of things that are too hard for me. Please, give me Faith to continually follow you, and too lean into you, and see me through…. cause, I’m not You.”

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16…. The1SixProject.com

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