I am Weak, But You Are Strong…

The words in that photo, they instantly took me….

To a Methodist church on Main Street in the map dot town of Lucedale, Mississippi, where my first memories of life, and church, originate.

In Sunday school I learned the song “Jesus Loves Me”, with the lyrics….. “I am weak, but He is strong”. We all learned that one, right?

I grew up, and left that small town. I moved off, and got strong, worldly strong, and pretty much forgot about Jesus, because, well, I was strong, and life was easy, and I clearly “got this” on my own.

Then the storms came, and they kept coming, and instead of being able to ride them out under the care of others, I was now the captain in charge of the ship.

It took a couple of decades, but I eventually learned that I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was.

Let’s be honest about it, storms can be scary, storms can wear you down, life can be tough, life can get heavy…. even for the strong.

In time, I realized maybe I wasn’t so strong, and maybe I don’t “got this”, and maybe, just maybe…. I was never supposed to navigate or carry all “this” by myself.

So, at 45 years old, the kid from Lucedale stopped trying, and asked God for help. Thankfully God doesn’t hold grudges, and He let me in the boat.

Here is the thing….. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you won’t have storms, and life won’t get heavy. It just means you aren’t doing stormy and heavy all alone, and it is far less scary that way. Read that twice.

Sometimes, we just need a simple reminder, that “we are weak, but He is strong”.

Those words reminded me of that before daylight this morning, and I’m just passing them along…. in case, like me, you need reminding too.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16…. The 1Six Project

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(Photo: Daily Guidepost 2020, Devotional From Thursday February 6, 2020)