There is a joke in my house that if you want a key lost, give it to Shane. I really can’t dispute the truth in that statement, even though I am often wrongfully accused when a key is misplaced.

My response is always the same, “well, at least I am consistent”.

I sat down this morning at my table and the note you see in the photo was waiting for me. Apparently, my oldest son, Dylan, had left it there after I went to bed last night.

We had a small issue yesterday with the work trailer. The issue was it was pad locked, and we (he) couldn’t find the key that I was clearly in possession of the prior time we used it.

I also own a nice pair of bolt cutters that work great on padlocks, and Dylan apparently knows where to find them. Problem solved, and we now have a new lock. He also gets an A+ for proactively resolving the issue.

I slid the note and key aside and proceeded to have my coffee and quiet time, but my eyes kept traveling over to the note, and the word “consistent” kept running through my mind.

So, I stopped and focused on it, because that’s where the stories come from….

How many of our successes, and failures, can be attributed to our consistency? Probably most of them.

If we consistently work hard at something, such as a professional career, athletics, a trade skill, a relationship, our health, on and on, then chances are that given time we will see the results we desire, or at least move closer to them. Thanks to Consistency.

On the other hand, inconsistency yields predictable results as well.

Apply an inconsistent approach to that same professional career, athletic pursuit, trade skill development, relationship you want to build, or the health you want to improve, and you will be all but guaranteed to fail at these endeavors. At best, you will likely just tread water where you are. Thanks to inconsistency.

In my 51 years of experience I have found that, Spiritual development, the development of Faith, is no different than any of the things that are mentioned above.

The pursuit of a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life, a stronger Faith in God, requires a consistent approach. It just does.

If you consistently work at / pursue a closer relationship with God, there is literally no chance that you will not move towards it. Read that twice.

Whereas an inconsistent approach to a relationship with God will likely keep you right where you are today, treading water at best…. in a temporary world that has eternal consequences.

So, where, and how, do you apply that consistent approach?

Thanks to a past Waffle House breakfast conversation (see point #4) with my friend, and Pastor at Cottage Hill Baptist, Alan Floyd, I learned that there are four main avenues that God uses to work in our life, and build our Faith, specifically:   

  • Scripture – The Bible, don’t just read it, study it, consistently.
  • Our circumstances – How many times has God gotten us through something, directed us away from something, brought someone into our life? The more permission you give God to work in your life, the more He will work in your life. So, seek Him and His will in your life, consistently.
  • Prayer – Time spent talking to God, which needs to also include time spent just “listening” for God. You can pray anywhere, it’s a conversation. Talk to God, consistently.
  • Church – Not the building, the people. Corporate worship on a Sunday, or small group on a Tuesday morning, or both. Involve yourself with other Believers, consistently.

And to think, all that originated from the fact that I am “challenged” when it comes to keeping up with keys.

One last thing, when you arrive at church / should you arrive at church…. “arrive expectantly’, it makes a difference!

Get In The Boat. Do your Part.

From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16…. “The 1Six Project”

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