Just Say…. “Yes”.

“WHAT’S THIS GUY’S PROBLEM”? – That was my first thought when I saw him from a distance.

He was standing with his back to me as I pulled up to the red light at Hwy 98 and Fairhope Avenue late Sunday afternoon while passing through Fairhope, AL.

Given the state of the world today, my first thought was that he was a one man protest, with an axe to grind against somebody, or something.

As he turned to face the traffic now stopped at the red light I was able to see the words on his sign…. “God Loves You”, and instead of a scowl he offered a big smile.

To say the least, I found it refreshing, and I want to tell you something…. that took courage.

Truth is, it takes courage to stand alone in this world, regardless of your cause, and it takes courage to be a Christian.

There will come a point on your Christian journey where God is going to ask you to stand alone and do something that is way, and I mean WAY, outside of your comfort zone. Believe it.

Gods asks us to do these things because somebody, somewhere, needs something He has given us, someone needs something we are carrying.

He also does this to grow our Faith in Him, our confidence in His promises, and too empower us for more and bigger tasks.

In my experience, the times I have stepped out in Faith, God has always stepped up to support the effort. He has always paid for what He has ordered, and as a result my Faith in Him has grown. Read that twice.

I took a picture for later, and as I drove off I gave the fella a honk and a wave, which simply meant…. you are not alone brother, I support you, doing what you do.

Then a couple mornings later I sat down to do what I do…. write another story.

A story about a man standing alone, and courageously, on a street corner holding a sign that simply says “God Loves You”.

His audience at that moment was the people that drove by. My audience is worldwide.

It is worldwide because, over the years, God has built a platform, and a network of people, that distribute the stories he gives me to write. I take credit for absolutely none of it…. except for one thing.

Just like the fella on the street corner holding the sign was given a task to perform, God gave me a task to perform, and…. we both said “yes”.

That is all we can do, that is all any of us can do…. is just say “yes”. God does the rest.

He can take the seeds a man spreads on a street corner in Alabama, and plant them literally around the world. That’s how it works.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16

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