“NO ONE DENIED…. Everyone Is Approved”!

Sounds like a commercial for a used car lot doesn’t it?

“Everyone Approved” is never the case in real life though, or is it?….

I attended a lunch event a while back and, there was a speaker.

He stood in the exact same room, at the exact same podium, I had stood at a couple of years prior, and told his story, just like I did. It was the typical story line….

I was lost, I was a wreck, I reached out to God after all other options were exhausted, God showed up, I got in the boat…. here I am proclaiming His saving grace to total strangers, because…. it’s just that good.

How many times have we heard those stories?

Personally, I love’em and, I never get tired of hearing them. To me it is like watching the movie Rudy, or Remember The Titans, Rocky, or maybe Braveheart.

I love it because I love a success story, I love an underdog story, I love a comeback story. I just do.

I love it because I can relate. I can relate from my baseball career, I can relate from my spiritual life. I get it because, well, I’ve lived it.

I know what it feels like to be empty and, I know what full feels like to be full, both personally and spiritually.

I left the event that day with three large notecards filled with notes from the speakers talk but, from all the scratch on the cards there was one word that jumped out at me like it was on fire…. the word “Anybody”.

The speaker said, “If God can use me, He can use anybody”. The word “Amen” came clearly and strongly out of my mouth before I even knew I had said it. That’ll preach right there.

Know this, without a shred of doubt, know this…. In this world we live in God can use absolutely “anybody” to change lives and spread his Gospel.

He can pick up, clean up, work in and and then work through absolutely “anybody” to reach others for His Kingdom.

Let there be no doubt in your mind, that you are qualified.

Believe me, if God can use Shane Hale from Lucedale…. then He can truly use “Anybody”.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16

(Yes, Sharing Is Encouraged, Somebody You Know Needs to Hear This!)