Falling Apart

About twenty years ago, in my early 30s, there was a fella in Mobile that cut my hair for a while. His name was Ricky.

Ricky, was a very likable fella, big sense of humor, gave a good haircut, which was hard to find for my cowlick ridden head.

Ricky cut my hair for about two years, then one day, he just disappeared.

After numerous calls the lady that ran the shop finally told me that he had taken time off to sort through some things, and she wasn’t sure when he would be back. I wasn’t even aware that Ricky had things on his plate that he needed to sort out, but apparently he did, and that was that.

A few months later I received a call from Ricky, apologizing for going MIA, asking if I had found a new stylist, I said I found somebody to cut my hair, but I’m glad you are back, when can I come in.

I made my appointment, got tightened up and had a long conversation with Ricky, as we were the only ones in the shop. He was very forthcoming about what he had been dealing with and how happy he was to have a handle on it.

I wanted to tell him about Jesus, and how he could know Him and trust Him but, the truth was, I didn’t know how, because I only “knew of Jesus” myself, I didn’t yet “know Jesus” on any kind of personal level as I do today, and the truth is you can’t share with someone anything you don’t have yourself. (Read that twice)

I did know one thing though. I knew where the answers were held. So, I went to a Christian book store, bought Ricky a very nice black leather bound Life Application Study Bible, and had his name engraved on it in gold letters.

The next day I took the Bible by Ricky’s shop and waited until I saw he was alone. Then I walked in and told him I had bought him something, and that I hoped he wouldn’t be offended by what I was giving him. That I simply felt led to do so.

I don’t remember what was said, except it wasn’t much. Ricky seemed touched, just kinda smiled and nodded, and that was that.

I left his shop that day and shortly thereafter Ricky went MIA, again. I never saw Ricky after that day…. except for once.

About three years later his name came up in a conversation and I learned he was cutting hair at a place in Mobile. So, one day soon thereafter, I drove by and stopped in.

I told the lady at the reception desk I was an old friend of Ricky’s and was just stopping in to say hello. She asked my name and disappeared around the corner. A few moments later Ricky came out, looking chipper.

I told him I had heard he was here and was just stopping by to say hello. I had hardly gotten the words out of my mouth when he said enthusiastically, “I want to show you something”, and he turned and walked back toward where he had come from, motioning me to follow.

He walked to his station and grabbed something off the shelf in front of his barber chair, then turned back towards me.

In his hand was that three year old Bible, dog eared, worn cover, looking like it had been around the world and back five times. It was literally falling apart.

He told me through watery eyes how much that Bible had meant to him, how appreciative he was and how it had helped him and been with him almost every day since I gave it to him. I was literally blown away.

I left that day and never saw Ricky again. I have no idea where he is now and neither does anyone else in his industry that I have asked for the last 15 years or so.


I was talking to a friend of mine that lives in Florida, another of my baseball brothers, and he told me about a fella that had given him a Bible years ago when he was going through a very tough time personally.

Written in the front cover of the Bible was a short personal note, that ended with the statement….

“If this book is falling apart, then your life probably isn’t.”

Those words rang with me, as words often do, and it reminded me of the story above, about Ricky and his “Falling Apart” bible.

I’ve given many bibles as gifts over the years. Some I’ve seen later, still in the box on a shelf, some sitting out but dusty, some a bit worn, some more worn, and one…. that was literally “falling apart”, in the hands of a man that seemed, at least at the moment, to be all together.

For clarity, I didn’t do anything for Ricky, except what I felt led by God to do. All I did, was all anyone can do, when given an assignment by The God of The Universe…. I said yes, then God does the rest.

If you are falling apart and don’t have a Bible, but want one, PM me, and I’ll send you one.

There is no better time than today to….

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16