If you ever go looking for a real Christian “prayer warrior”, don’t come looking for me.

On a 1-10 scale, I’ll give my prayer life a 1.25, and that’s probably being generous. I know God doesn’t sleep but when I start praying, I can’t help but think He nods off, that is, if my ADD mind can stay on point for more than 30 seconds before leaving the building.

Given my shortcomings, I admire those people that can ring off a prayer that will make you open one eye while they are praying to see if anyone else is looking at them. Words so powerful, with so much conviction in their voice, yet delivered so effortlessly, that you can’t help but notice.

On the other side of the coin, while I am no prayer warrior, I am pretty good at just talking with God, or better yet…. sitting with God…. saying nothing…. and just listening.

Like right now, at my table in the living room, on my second cup of coffee, in the dark except for one small light, total silence, just listening for a while…. and now tapping away on my phone.

My conversation with The Creator, and this story, didn’t start this morning though. They both started yesterday, on the drive to my first appointment, after I had turned the radio off and made yet another failed attempt at a decent prayer, the frustration of an ever wandering mind and the dissappointment in myself increasing a few more clicks.

In that moment, like a turned on light floods a dark room, that indescribable Peace filled my car and the thought…. just focus on Me today, not for a brief moment, but for the day.

So, I did.

I first started down my long list of things I was thankful for then, after a while, I just rode on in silence…. and listened.

By the end of the day, I had clocked about three hours total in the car and along the way, I instinctively reached for the radio dial more times than I can count but, I never turned it back on.

I was reminded though, each time I reached for it, of how often we can develop unrealized habits, like letting “noise” into our life, as I was also reminded…. to just focus on God, and listen. It was an enlightening day.

Truth is…. I may not fit my personal definition of a “prayer warrior” but, I have gotten much better at living prayerfully, casually talking with God throughout my day, and thanking Him for the litany of “things” I have to be thankful for on the daily. It’s quiet a list!

Also, know this…. There is power in simply acknowledging and thanking God for the blesssings He provides. Just as there is power in asking Him to help us in, with, and through, the litany of “things” that happen in the course of a day.

Remember, God doesn’t yell. If you can’t hear crickets at some point in your day, then you may not be able to hear God either.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

Be Still, Or At Least Be Quiet…. From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16