Solomon, Was Right.

King Solomon was right…. outside of serving God…. in all things…. what’s the point?

My team lost Saturday, and if you follow college football even a little bit, you probably know that Alabama got beat by Tennessee in an absolute thriller. I lost no sleep over it.

Not that many years ago, I would have watched the game with a house full of people, walked a hole in the carpet behind the sofa while yelling often at the TV, been exhausted at the end, and it was all great fun, but….

There was no crowd at my house Saturday, no pacing behind the sofa, I barely made a sound, slept through most of the second quarter and wasn’t anywhere near emotionally spent when it was all over.

I honestly miss those days of anticipation leading up to a big game, getting fired up to watch it, and being exhausted with my friends and family, win or lose, when it was all over. It was big fun, but today….

College football is just one more “thing” working its way toward my ever-growing list of, “who cares, what’s the point, well that was fun while it lasted”.

The longer I’m here, the longer that list of “things” in this life becomes. Really, what is the point of it all. Perhaps, as I stated above….

King Solomon was right…. outside of serving God…. in all things…. what’s the point?

Truth is, nothing in this world seems to last. Let me rephrase that, nothing does last.

Everything, “of” this world, wears out, runs down, loses it’s luster, loses it’s shine, loses it’s appeal, loses loses loses loses loses.

When it comes to men especially, things we lived for, trained for, worked for, eventually mean nothing, can’t save us, and we can spend decades trying to plug the hole that each failed attempt leads to with yet one more “thing”, promotion, hobby, you name it before ultimately ending up in the same camp…. meaningless.

That goes double for male athletes, the wild eyed and eternally restless bunch that we are.

Across the board…. pick a sport, find a man that competed at a high level and not all, but most, are a train wreck waiting to happen at some point down the road, when the nights under the big shiny lights end.

Just like soldiers, most don’t necessarily miss the traveling, the training, the physical pain but, they miss the discipline, they miss the brotherhood, they miss the fellowship, they miss the purpose and, more than anything…. they miss the mission.

The mission was the purpose and without a mission…. all people, especially men, even more so former athletes, tend to drift.

Thing is we don’t know this until those careers are over and when it happens, we do what men do, we try to “fix it”.

We try to fix it by filling the big empty with the “things” of this world, when what we really need in this life, and what we ultimately desire, is another purpose…. another mission.

What we truly need though, and what often takes us years to figure out, is that the purpose and the mission needs to be worthy of the life we have been given, and eternal in nature….

Not a purpose and a mission that is a waste of our life, and temporary in nature….

Lest we start the whole painful and pathetic process over again, and again, and again, and again…. until we are no more.

Yeah, I’m kinda rambling in the predawn dark here but, given all of that, the conclusion I keep inching closer and closer to is this….

King Solomon was right…. outside of serving God…. in all things…. what is the point?

Before you call mom, I’m fine, it’s fine, everything is fine. Love you.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

Accept THE Mission…. From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16