What’s Working?!

What if, “what’s working”, was a standard greeting between people, instead of “Hello” or “How are you”?

Good Morning Jim Bob…. “What’s Working”?!

Seems that might make for a far more interesting answer as it asks for a specific in your life, instead of just a generality. One you can’t simply pass off with an answer of “good”, “well” or “fine”.

A friend of mine, Cam Marston, has a local and expanding radio show titled “What’s Working, With Cam Marston”. Catchy title and I sometimes wonder how many times a day Cam is greeted with…. “Hey Cam, What’s Working”?! (It’s working Cam)

Speaking for myself, I have a habit of focusing on the things in my life that are not working, or at least are not working like I hope, or hoped, that they would.

Truth is though, if I were to make a list of the things that are working in my life, not even flawlessly or at warp speed, but just simply “working”, like that tired old lawnmower outside, the list of working “things” would FAR outweigh the list of not working “things”.

So, given this lopsided list, why does the smallest side, the seemingly broken side, seem to occupy SO MUCH of my mind?! Good question.

If I was forced to answer that question, I would say that I am allowing the enemy, satan and his minions, to occupy too much of the space between my ears, to direct to many of my thoughts, while failing to see, failing to notice…. the things God is doing in, around and even through my life.

It’s a matter of what I am focusing on and…. who I am listening too.

When I focus on God’s creation, I see things that are working. The universe hangs in perfect order, the seasons come and go, the sun continues to rise and set, the tides ebb and flow, just like clockwork, just like it was all planned. Can he not direct my tiny yet significant life as well?!

Just like God created and ordered the universe, He put each of us right where we are, in this specific time and place, for a reason, for a purpose, and….

The best chance the enemy has to derail all of that plan and purpose is to shift our focus from what is working in our life, to what is not working in our life. To shift our focus from God, from Christ…. to him, which is often accomplished by reminding us what is broken, or perhaps trying to convince us that in fact we are broken, when in reality it, or we…. are not.

What’s “working” in your life today? Perhaps far more than you think or are willing to give yourself credit for. Same goes for me, and this I know….

Each new day, the closer I can align myself with The Creator, with Christ, the smaller that nagging voice inside my head becomes, and the more able I become to see God at work in, around and through my life.

That’s part of His grand design, that’s just how it works.

Get In The Boat. Do Your Part.

God Is Working…. From Nose To Toes!

Shane / #16