DON’T BE AFRAID – To adjust your sails and change course! (part 1 of a 3 part series)

Why is it so hard for most adults to make adjustments?  To change directions?  Kids don’t have a problem with it, trust me, they will change horses in a heartbeat.  Not us adults.  We’ll ride a horse into the ground before we change course on something.  For example…..

The Hale Team Clubhouse.  For a decade before it was a clubhouse it was a shed, my “work shop”.  Why?  Because every man needs a work shop right?  That’s what the world told me.  We’ll, not necessarily, not in my world.  Reality was that a little storage space for tools, etc was all I really needed or “wanted”.  Just wasn’t my “thing”.  So the shop got repurposed.  It was a hit.

Here is the point – Ask yourself if what you have or are pursuing is really what you want.  Not what the world says you should want but what YOU want.  What is important to you, brings you happiness, joy?  Adjust your sails in that direction.  Don’t be afraid to change course.

Tune in tomorrow for the “after” video!

Nose to Toes / #16