PLANT SOME POSITIVE – And watch it grow…..


Big thank you to my friend Chris Williams.  He started a blog for me a couple of weeks ago. Why? Per Chris, he likes what I write and wants me to share it on a larger stage. Awesome. I like that because that is what I want as well. To make a difference.

I sometimes receive positive feedback on my posts and it is always appreciated and very well received. It is fuel to keep putting it out there. So, thank you. You’ve probably heard me say, “that’s why I write them”. It is why I write them. To make a difference.

So what really happened when Chris started a blog for a guy he has never met? The positive multiplied. I planted a bunch of positive and along the way some of it grew. Now Chris is planting it along with me. So, plant some positive in your space, on a consistent basis, and see what pops up around you. Make a difference.

Nose to Toes / #16



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